October 21st 2022 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

SafeSend Exchange


Say Hello to SafeSend Exchange!

SafeSend Exchange is a secure file transfer software that has a completely redesigned look and feel in the SafeSend Suite. With a focus on usability and clear navigation for an improved experience where the users can set personalized authentication methods to increase the security of their messages.

What’s New?

Choose a Security Method
We’ve added authentication methods to access the document(s) to ensure client identity, such as personalized question-and-answer authentication or a one-time user-generated password. If multiple identity check attempts fail occurs, we’ve created easy unlock/release links for a quick turnaround!

Automatic Message Retention
You will now be able to set up automatic expiration dates for your messages. This means messages will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time for increased security.

Organizing Messages
You can create and store messages in a complex storage tree for personal use. You can save the messages and the files sent to you with customizable automatic retention.

Customizable Drop-Off Links
Each user in your firm can have a unique drop-off link that anyone can access to send you files securely. This also includes a company-wide drop-off link to put in public-facing places.

Optimized Settings
You have complete customizability in what you and your users can do with a comprehensive group of settings that can be tailored to your needs.

SafeSend Exchange Add-in for MS Outlook
Compose, set, and unlock messages and create/move folders directly from your MS Outlook. Send secure messages through SafeSend Exchange directly through your existing Microsoft Outlook account.


SafeSend Organizers



Combined Proforma and Batch Delivered Organizer Reports
The Delivered Organizers Report has been updated to combine the Proforma and Batch reports into one. A new column called "Batch Name" is available to filter batches and sort batches.

Download Newly Uploaded Source Documents
Users can now choose to download only the newly added files that have not been downloaded yet.

New Organizer Reports
Added Undelivered Batch report for instances where batch processing fails
Added an Archived Organizers report and the ability to archive completed organizers.

Preview Documents
Your clients will now be able to view/preview the documents they uploaded within the Organizer pages or from the Upload Source Document step.

Message from Tax Preparer
Users will have the ability to add a message to be seen by the taxpayer. Taxpayer will be able to see the message added by CPA at the time of delivery on landing page.

Other Changes

  • Clients will now receive an email notification confirming their uploaded documents were received by the firm.
  • Users will have the ability to delete individual or multiple organizers from Delivered Organizers Report.
  • A "Completed" button was added for the Taxpayer when they finish uploading source documents.
  • CPA now can reopen the Source Document upload feature for the Taxpayer/Spouse from the Delivered Organizer Report.
  • We've increased the size of the check marks within the Organizer pages upon download to enhance visibility.
  • We've added a recycle bin with delete and restore functionality like in SafeSend Returns.
  • Documents uploaded by taxpayers will now be arranged by Newest to Oldest.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where organizer documents would fail to download when attempting to download in bulk
  • Delivered Organizer Report excel export columns now match the column order of the report screen


SafeSend Extensions


Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where a firm's name would not appear in a delivered extension if a firm logo was present
  • Fixed an issue where a joint extension would not send if it did not have both taxpayer and spouse email


SafeSend Signatures & MailMerge



Last Reminder column
There is now a last reminder column in Signatures that will track the date of the last reminder sent for a Signature document

Automatic Reminders
You can now set automatic reminders for sent signature forms. This will operate in a similar way to automatic reminders in SafeSend Returns.

Reminders tracked in Client tracking
Manual and automatic reminders will now be tracked in each signature documents client tracking list

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where column option changes would save without the user pressing Save


SafeSend Returns



Encrypted File Verification
SafeSend Returns now checks for encrypted files uploaded by taxpayer and stops them from being uploaded until they are un-encrypted.

Other Changes
Backend updates to improve stability and speed.

Resolved Issues

  • Set access restrictions will now be maintained after the returns are delivered.

  • Fixed an issue where the ERO stamp's Signature Delegation Cancel and Close pop-up would not save your selection.

  • Fixed an issue where the Return Upload buttons would appear in the Recycle Bin section.

  • Fixed an issue where voucher reminders would be sent to taxpayers with zero payment vouchers.

  • Fixed an issue in Grouped Returns where recalling a return event would not appear in Client Tracking.

  • Fixed an issue where saving a filter with the same name as another would fail to save.




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