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Currently in SafeSend Signatures (not the tax side), when you send a document out requiring multiple signatures, the system will send a signature request to the first person/email listed.  After that first person signs then the second person will be notified that they can sign (and so on and so forth).  This can slow down the signing process especially if you have multiple signers and the first signer in the list sits on the email request to sign.

Feature request:  provide an option allowing all signers to receive notice at the same time and sign at the same time and in any order OR to notify signers in order.

This option can appear in Step 2 "Add Recipient(s) & Message" or in Step 3 "Signature Placement".  (Step 2 is probably the most logical place).  If someone signs but another signor "declines" then the person who previously signed will be notified that the document has been declined due to another user refusing to sign.



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    Hi Rich, 

    Thank you for your suggestion! I will pass this along to our development team. 

    For now, we may suggest using the new Automated Reminders feature, which can be found in our Signature Settings article, to push reminders out for recipients who may be slowing down the signing process. 

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