Organizers - put Finish button on final page only

Several of our clients only complete the first page or two and then click Finish because they think if there is a Finish button on that page, there are no more items to fill out. We have had many incomplete organizers sent out because of this. 

Maybe replace the Finish button with a Next button, and then when they are on the final page there can be a Finish option?



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    Hi Chelsea and Jennifer, 

    Thank you for providing this feedback! One thing we implemented this last year to help avoid this issue is that when a user clicks on 'Finish', there is a message that pops up. 

    We are still open to feedback on how to better this process for both the firm and your clients. I have passed along these details to our product team for consideration. Have a great day!

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  • We are having this same problem - the required questions are being checked and then they are clicking finish.  We updated our emails to the client to include both the video and text walkthroughs, but clients don't read.  The arrows are not very big - either.  Maybe you replace with buttons that say next or previous page?

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  • Agree, having Finish until the very end would be best and clients will think its a page by page "Finish" rather than in its entirety.  Previous and Next boxes instead of the arrows would be better as well. 

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  • Hi Donnie, I have added your firm information to our internal enhancement request. Thank you!

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