January 27th 2023 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

An update to SafeSend products was released. See below for more information about the changes.

SafeSend Returns


Returns and Extensions Estimated Reminder Integration

  • A new extension reminder popup is introduced on clicking the send button in SSR whenever there is a same SSN/EIN, same tax year, and same return type extension is already delivered. In the popup we can disable the extension reminder or can keep them enabled.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where client instructions set in Grouped Returns settings for payment instruction would not be displayed on the TP pay page
  • Fixed an issue where Screen Share emails were not accurate upon hover over
  • Fixed an issue where Voucher Reminders were not triggered for returns with the awaiting E-sign status
  • SafeSend Returns will now notify users when an invalid email is applied to Client Information or K1 Information
  • Fixed an issue where reminders were not deleted after the Tax document was deleted
  • Fixed an issue where IP Addresses were missing for some events in the Audit Log Report
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted page from the K-1 tab would reappear after leaving and returning to that tab
  • Fixed an issue where some access settings were not being reflected in Grouped Return upload popup
  • Fixed an issue where some Federal 1065 returns would be incorrectly recognized as State Single Member LLCs

SafeSend Signatures


  • Users can now bulk delete Signature Documents that are in the Recycle Bin

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where pagination would disappear when removing all Signature documents from the last page of the Signature Report screen
  • Fixed an issue where the count of a bulk select operation would not be correct
  • Fixed an issue where drawing a signature could stop functioning mid-signature
  • Fixed an issue where the clear controls button would not clear the signature controls in certain scenarios

SafeSend Organizers


  • SafeSend Organizers now displays a warning message to Taxpayers letting them know not to upload encrypted files

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where checkbox or radio button stamping would be misplaced on organizers without custom questions
  • Fixed an issue where signatures might be missing from the Engagement Letter when downloaded

SafeSend Extensions


  • We have integrated Voucher Reminders for Extensions and SafeSend Returns.

    Returns now talks with Extensions to identify if an Extension Package has previously been delivered.

    Returns will look for Tax Year, SSN or EIN, and Return Type to locate if an Extension Package was already sent.

    When Returns finds that an Extension was previously delivered, and the user clicks the finish button, users will now see a pop-up box to allow them to disable voucher reminders for the already delivered extension package.

    This enhancement will help to prevent the sending of duplicate reminders and potential for duplicate payments.

    Note – Estimated Voucher Reminders for Extensions were disabled in June of 2022 to help with this issue. Upon release of the Voucher Reminder Flow feature, the voucher reminders for Extensions will be turned back on.

  • We have removed the "Make Payment" button from no payment vouchers

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where e-sign status updates would be delayed after e-sign
  • Fixed an issue where user would not be logged out after more than 20 minutes of inactivity

SafeSend Exchange


  • Parity functionality in the Outlook Web Add-In and Web Application

    Web Add-In will now contain increased mailbox functionality, spam folder filtering, and history reports. These features are now in line with what exists in the SafeSend Exchange web application.

  • Introducing a My Downloads section

    We have introduced a My Downloads section within SafeSend Exchange. When you download any sufficiently large file it will now be downloaded asynchronously in the My Downloads section. This will allow you to download large numbers of files while still having full control over your Exchange mailbox.

  • Messages in your Exchange mailbox will now be displayed in your local time zone

  • We have introduced notifications when files are sent to you via your drop-off link

    You now have the option to turn on or off notifications when new files are sent to you via your Exchange drop-off link. This option can be found where you find your drop-off links and will be set to OFF by default.

  • Exchange will now verify a successful file upload before sending the Exchange message

  • Exchange mail UI has been updated with a modern look and feel

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where draft messages would not be removed after deleting them
  • Fixed an issue where messages sent via SafeSend Exchange would not display user's drop-off link
  • Fixed an issue where downloads would sometimes fail when attempting to download all attachments
  • Fixed an issue where message security authentication page would sometimes be blank
  • Fixed an issue where Exchange would mark some valid email addresses as invalid when sending a message
  • Fixed an issue where some files would not be available for download for forwarded messages
  • Fixed an issue where attachments would not be available for download when viewing another's inbox

SafeSend APIs


  • We have released a Developer Section in the SafeSend Organizers that contains the SafeSend Organizers Event APIs

    For information on the SafeSend Organizer APIs please contact your Customer Success Manger.




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