Allow an option to turn off reminder for one client document without archiving

We have a lot of clients who have requested to stop getting reminders for various reasons, and we would like the option to change the frequency of one document/client's reminder or turn it off altogether while keeping it in the regular folder. We are trying to keep completed documents in the Archive, so we don't want to archive those that are unfinished but have specifically requested fewer reminders.



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  • Hi Chelsea, automated reminders for Organizers are able to be turned off for each separate organizer. If you select the organizer > select "Send Reminder" at the top > Automated Reminders. Here you can select to turn the reminders off. Would an option like "Reminders" (similar to the one in Returns) in the action drop-down menu be a good enhancement in understanding where to change the reminder settings? 

    Please let me know if I may have missed the mark here with what you are looking for!

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