Streamline the revised estimate process

1) Currently, revised estimates have to be uploaded one at a time, even though you can drag multiple pdf files into the box, and hit submit. It would be helpful if the pdf files for all voucher changes could be read, not just the first pdf file. Alternately, if submitting one by one, it would be helpful to have a save feature that would permit you to upload all the changes before sending to the client. It is confusing for a client filing in several states to receive several emails, and if they are reading the emails as they are sent, the numbers are changing between emails.

2) Not everyone pays their taxes on time. ON the due date, the system would not read the voucher- only the filing instructions. When trying to create a voucher- the only watermark choices were to "pay online" or "do not pay, as it will be a direct debit". There are clients who mail their vouchers after the due date and who need revised vouchers after the due date.  AFTER the due date the system wouldn't even let me create a voucher. Additionally "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" should be an allowable entry for due date- as there are delinquent filers. 

3) A real time saver would be if we could just manually go into the file and change the amounts for the vouchers and then select to send the client a reminder with the new amounts. It's frustrating when the system won't read the voucher from the pdf and won't let you create a voucher. It would also be helpful if we could manually input amounts a client paid for previous quarters. Many clients who use tax preparers don't want to deal with computer input. 




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    Hi Nancy, these are all great suggestions! I was able to take a look at your account, and it looks like your CSM has submitted these to our product team on your behalf. 

    Regarding your first point, I do want to mention that the best way to work around this is to print the vouchers to 1 single PDF. We will be able to recognize all vouchers and allow you to process them together. If you are unsure how to print the estimates together, we may suggest that you reach out to your tax software for further assistance. 

    Thank you and have a great day!

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