Main menu on left-hand side; Default to expanded instead of collapsed

For the main menu on left-hand side in each module, it would be nice if it defaulted to expanded rather than collapsed. Or at least I would like to have a setting so I can make my profile default to expanded menus.

I have plenty of screen space, so I always want it to be expanded. It would be easy enough to collapse it if I wanted more space. The little icons don't mean that much to me.



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    Hi Phil, I can certainly see why having the menu pulled out may help users better understand where to navigate for other modules and resources. Thank you for this feedback!

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  • Yes this is extremely annoying to have to expand this every time!!!  It should default to expanded and then allow us to minimize if we need the screen space.  

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    Hi Donnie, I have added your firm information to our internal enhancement request. Thank you!


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  • I also wanted to say that this would be an excellent enhancement.  While it doesn't take much time to expand the menu, doing it every time is inconvenient and it would be so much easier to navigate with the words showing too.   If it can't be an account setting, then the default should be expanded.  

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  • I am pleased to let you know that we will be implementing something similar to this in our product release at the end of the month. You will find that the navigation menu will save based on the last login. Essentially, if you had the navigation menu pulled out before signing out, the menu will be pulled out when you log in next. 

    We will still keep this enhancement open to consider having the menu pulled out by default. 

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