Show more than 20 entries per page?

Is there a way to select how many entries I can view on a single page. It defaults to 20 on the organizer page. "Showing 1 to 20 of 58 entries"

Sometimes, an app will have a drop down menu where you can select how many entries you want to view at a time... 10, 20, 50 ,100, All. Is there a setting where I can make that available? It would make it easier to go through lists. 

The filters at the top of each column are very useful, but sometimes I just want to look at my whole list.



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    Hi Phillip, at this time there is no way to choose how many entries will appear on the page. Many firms will utilize the filters to see the exact returns they are needing, although I can see how it would be nice to have them appear all on the same page rather than having to move to the next page. 

    I have escalated this feedback to my product team so they can weigh it out against our current roadmap. Have a great day!

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  • I am pleased to let you know that this feature has officially been added to the Signatures module and we plan to implement it as we continue to update the design for the other modules within the Suite. 

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  • Agree, having the option of the drop down to be more than 20 would be great, as sometimes we are looking to get an entire picture of our clients to see who we may need to follow up with as the client might think they have completed everything and we are working on their return.

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  • Hi Donnie, I have added your firm information to our internal enhancement request. Thank you!

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