K-1 Partner Information Update Email Settings Removed

Situation: In late 2022, K-1 recipients received emails requesting they update their information for the upcoming tax season. There was no way to disable these reminders, so all K-1 recipients received this notification.

We received a lot of feedback about this feature and decided to disable it until we can provide more settings options for firms. 

Status: We are working to add settings options related to K-1 Information Update emails. We recently removed settings options related to this feature to prevent confusion moving forward. The following settings were removed from the K-1s tab and Delivery Options tab during processing, as well as the K-1 Settings & Instructions section. Again, we removed these setting options because the overall functionality was previously disabled until this feature can be redesigned and improved. 

K-1s Tab: 

Delivery Options Tab: 

K-1 Settings & Instructions:




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