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Hi!! Our firm has had an overwhelmingly amount of clients confused about the document upload section buttons. We are having to call clients to ask them to hit the blue "complete" button rather than the "save & notify a tax professional" if they are done. They are confused because they feel the notify button tells us they are done. We can see how this can be confusing for them but on our firms end we are now having to double the work to reach out to clients and ask if they are done. Some clients are calling our office saying they submitted their documents over a month ago and we aren't seeing them yet because they still have the "upload" status not the "finished" status.
Can we have the buttons change to any of these:
"Complete & Notify my Tax Professional" and "Save"
" Complete" and "Save & Continue Later"
Or any combination of these? The "Save & Notify Tax Professional" is becoming an issue for our office.

Thank you so much in advance!




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    Hi Carissa, Thank you for providing this feedback! It looks like this Enhancement was submitted by Montana on your behalf. We will have our product team look at this request and consider it against the roadmap for the next Organizer season. 

    Have a great day!

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  • Our office had the exact same challenge this season - most clients did not realize they had to click "complete." We ended up having to spend a lot of extra time manually going through SafeSend and seeing which clients have been uploading documents and sending out emails reminding them to click "complete." 

    Looking forward to any adjustments to this for next season! Thank you.

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