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When a client uploads a document within the Organizer using the right-hand pane (Provide Source Documents - click here to upload documents), those documents should insert into the organizer at that page instead of as separate files.  We find it very difficult and time consuming to sort through the uploaded documents when they come through as separate documents.  We end up with a bunch of files in the download folder, most of which are un-named and have to sort through, open, and re-name the docs.  If they could be included in the organizer file, it would save us a lot of time!



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    Hi Marty, 

    Thank you for this feedback! If we understand this correctly, you would like the uploaded source docs to be included with the download organizer. Essentially, you would like documents printed into 1 PDF rather than 2?


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  • Yes, the source documents are difficult to manage as individual pdfs, so when they are submitted within the organizer, it would be nice to have one pdf that includes the organizer pages and the source documents inserted in the appropriate section.  For example, when a client enters wage information and then uploads a W-2, it would be nice if the W-2 pulled in behind that page in the organizer.

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  • Great suggestion!

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  • Thank you for the clarification! While I cannot confirm if this is something on our roadmap, I will get this submitted for consideration. 

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  • If you implement this change, please consider making it optional because this may not work for everyone. 

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