SafeSend Signature Enhancement Request

It would be helpful if there was a Manually Signed option added to SafeSend Signatures. Also, it would be beneficial if there were an option to make edits (add or remove signature fields) to a document that is out for signature. 



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    Hi Lavonda! While we don't currently have the option to change the status to manually signed, there are some other options you can utilize. We might suggest that you cancel the document (this can be done in the action menu). You can input the reason why and reference this for the future. You can view more information here- Signature Report: Actions Menu

    Per your other request, this is great feedback! We will provide this to our product team to consider being implemented in the future. 

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  • We use Signatures for Engagement Letters and if we receive a manually signed letter, it would be extremely helpful to be able to change the status to manually signed so the client doesn't get multiple reminders to sign.

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  • Hi Nanette, Please review my previous response, as there is a viable workaround to close a signature document! You can also turn off automatic reminders for a document by following these steps:

    1. Select the check box next to the document.
    2. Click 'Send Reminder.'
    3. Click 'Schedule Automatic Reminder.''
    4. Toggle the Signing Reminder to Off.


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