May 31st 2023 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

An update to SafeSend products was released. See below for more information about the changes.

SafeSend Exchange

We have enhanced the previously released Document Request List in SafeSend Exchange and have expanded its functionality.


Document Request Lists now have retention periods

  • Users can assign a retention period to Document Request Lists just like with Exchange Secure Message
  • Retention period will start after the document request list is marked as complete

Send Reminders for Document Request Lists

  • Users can send a manual email reminder to Document Request List recipients
  • Reminder will contain a link to the Document Request List

ReOpen Document Request Lists

  • Users can now reopen a completed Document Request List
  • Reopened Document Request Lists will allow more documents to be uploaded

Notify on Completion for Document Request List

  • When creating a new Document Request List you can choose to receive notifications when the recipient uploads their documents



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