Filing Instructions with Respective Returns

Our firm is new to SafeSend, and we've noticed that when sending returns, the filing instructions are all grouped together at the beginning of the returns instead of being placed before their respective returns. We understand we can reorder pages, but that takes up time, especially when scrolling to try and find the beginning of different returns as well as the pages loading very slowly when clicked on to enlarge them. It would be very helpful for the filing instructions to already be placed before their respective returns to reduce confusion on the client's side, or at least letting there be an option to collate the pages this way if we choose.  

A bulk bookmark for each return would also help to find the correct returns to place the filing instructions in front of, and would help with navigation on the client's side as well, instead of the entire return being one large package with no breaks.

The tab for reordering pages, known as Group, is also a bit confusing. Since there are Grouped Returns, the Group tab seems like it should be referring to them instead of reordering pages. Would it make more sense for this tab to be renamed "Edit" or "Reorder" instead?

Thank you for any help or insight. As said before, our firm is new to SafeSend, so if we are missing something or there are any tips and tricks to be shared, it would be most appreciated.   



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    Hi Nick, thank you for reaching out! There are a few things to unravel here:

    1. An admin can update the way that the return appears by following these steps: Settings > General > Download Options > Include in Tax Return PDF. This will allow for the transmittals to appear with the return and not seperated. 

    2. The Groups tab refers to the different sections that SafeSend has organized those pages to (ex. Transmittals, E-file forms, Vouchers, etc). Grouped returns is it's own feature and unrelated to the actual processing of the return. 

    3. Users are not able to reorder pages. Pages are displayed based on the order they appear in the PDF of the return and based on the 'group' they are in.

    If you look at the taxpayer preview that is located in the Delivery Options tab, you will find that we provide the bookmarks under each authority. This is so the client is able to see where each return begins and ends. 

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  • Hi Alyse,

    Thank you for your help and clearing up our confusion!

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