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From what I understand, when a married couple are sent their returns to review and sign, one spouse gets the returns before the other. The other spouse is only sent an email to review and sign AFTER the first spouse signs the return. Is there a way for both spouses to be sent their returns at the same time so they can both review before one signs? Spouses aren't always available to review their returns together from the email the first spouse gets.

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    Hi Nick, a primary reason why the return is sent to 1 user at a time is due to the way the software is able to retrieve the signatures. Once the first spouse signs the return, we 'print' the signature and provide the updated copy to the next signer. If we send to both at the same time, there is room for error which can interfere with this process.

    In the case where they would like to review the return together before signing, we may suggest that they download the return prior to signing, and then access the return again once they are ready. You can view more information on how they can do this in our Client Experience article.

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  • Understood, thank you for explaining and offering a solution.

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