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When printing Ohio School District returns from UltraTax to SafeSend Returns- the School District return displays as "Ohio" just like the actual Ohio tax return does in SSR.  We have to manually switch the Taxing Authority  to a Custom Authority called "School District"  on the returns and all vouchers.  And then on the vouchers you have to flip back & forth from "Online payment only" to just "Watermark" so that the client has the option of paying online or with voucher.  This creates a lot of extra time to make sure everything is correctly marked. Since all School District returns are mailed/filed to the same tax authority and payments are made to the same place, regardless of school district - it would be nice if the system recognized it on its own so that we would not have to make so many manual adjustments.



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    Hi Mary, thank you for this feedback! We do our best to recognize as many forms as possible, although for some states (such as Ohio) there are cities/districts that push their own forms and it's harder to capture each of these forms that may not show up as often. When we train these form types, we train the program to set it as the overall state authority and then you can change it to the custom authority during processing.

    We have had similar requests as this, and continue to monitor reports on this matter. While we don't have a set solution at this time, our product team is aware and continues to evaluate opportunities to improve this part of the program. 

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