Variables List - ERO Email Address Add

Enhancement for adding 'ERO Email Address' to the variables list.

For client to have contact info when they have questions regarding information within the tax return.

So many times SSR Users are asked not about how to electronically sign or the SSR program itself, but clients want to know about the numbers within the tax return.



  • This would definitely be beneficial.

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  • Hi Dolly, thank you for the suggestions! 

    Regarding the contact information being available to the client, this is already a function. The client will select 'Contact' at the top of the screen and it will provide the primary contacts email. If you are looking for an enhancement on this function, can you clarify what you are looking for?

    Regarding the last suggestion- are you looking for more detailed pop-ups (possibly through a WalkMe type step) that would provide information about select numbers/amounts? 

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