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We do not want our Primary Admin to be the person that is listed for all our clients to contact on returns. Ideally, we would be able to maintain a billing, technical, administrative contact for our contract with SafeSend, and then provide a general mailbox  for delivery of client questions to our processing team. Currently, the Primary admin for the account posts on the  returns when the client clicks for help. Additionally with that setup, I have to license a service account. Not sure where the change is best made, but the ability to manually input a phone number/email address for clients to contact us and/or us adding different types of contacts for updates on our agreement with SafeSend. The people in our company who respond to client questions are not the ones who need to maintain the SafeSend billing, technical administrations and contract. 



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    Hi Brandon,

    Your CSM will be reaching out to you regarding this matter and discuss any best practices we recommend for these notifications. 

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