TicTie Calculate Version 5.0.21 - Official Release

An update to TicTieCalculate was released. The latest version of TicTieCalculate is version 5.0.21. You can downlaod the latest version from the TicTieCalculate Admin Page or by clicking check for updates within the TicTieCalculate application.
See below for more information about the changes.


  • TicTieCalculate can now be successfully installed on Terminal Server Environments

  • Calculator tape printed to PDF now as an opacity slider to adjust transparency

  • Users can now move tick marks on the PDF with arrow keys in addition to moving them with the mouse

  • TTC Admin site will now show a warning when user is about to be logged out due to inactivity

  • When decimal point is set to two for calculator it will automatically embed the decimal point before the last two digits

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where Review Sign Off buttons may not respond when clicked

  • Fixed tick mark "Prior Year" being displayed as "PF"; it will now display as "PY"

  • Fixed an issues where tick marks would be visually distorted when a page is changed from portrait to landscape




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