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Are invoice payment reminders in development?  If we include an invoice with a return and the client chooses to "Pay Now" - could they then have the option to either go to the payment URL or print the invoice to mail with a check?  And if they do not choose "Pay Now", it would be a nice feature to have automatic email reminders - like with the vouchers.



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    Hi Marty! I can not say for sure if either of these is on the roadmap, although I know we have had other similar requests regarding reminders for invoices. 

    I will add your firm to this request, as well as include more payment options when the client clicks 'Pay Now'. 

    As a suggestion, you may include it in your 'Saved Message' how they print their invoice and send in check by mail. 

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  • This is an excellent idea!! Even through the invoice is presented to the client at the beginning of the process, they have a one track mind and just want to pay the invoice.  The other thing I'd like to see is if they want to have the option to email the invoice to themselves or someone else, maybe Accounts Payable.  Sometimes the signer isn't the one that will pay and they don't print off the invoice and it just gets laid to rest at the conclusion of the SSR process.

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  • Hi Diane, 

    We will add your information to this request! As a workaround to the latter issue, clients can now forward any tax documents during the review step AND after they have signed. This does include an invoice. The only caveat is that we do not provide the link to pay (if that was included). 

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