TicTie Calculate Version 5.0.22 - Official Release

A new update to TicTie Calculate is now available. The latest version of TicTie Calculate is now version 5.0.22. You can download the latest version from the TicTie Calculate Admin Page or by clicking "check for updates" within the TicTie Calculate application.

For more information about the changes, please see below.


  • Increased the number of Cross References that can be placed on a document from 40 to 80

  • Added "Actual Size" zoom option when placing a Cross Reference

  • Added three new tick marks:

    • ? (Question Mark)
    • FJE (Federal Journal Entry)
    • AJE (Adjusting Journal Entry)

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where TTC icons would not render properly on "new" Adobe Acrobat user interface

  • Fixed an issue where the TTC Logo would appear as a black dot in the Adobe Acrobat toolbar




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