Downloading and Decrypting Multiple Signatures Documents

Does anyone use Signatures to send their 7216's? We send our 7216's along with another form to be signed in the same delivery. When we download the forms, they come password protected by SafeSend. We are forced to open the files through Google Chrome to decrypt them one by one in order to save the files separately. The time spent on this adds up as we send out so many of them. Does anyone else experience this and have you found a better solution to decrypting in mass?

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  • We have to do this on all of our engagement letters, as we use SurePrep and unable to send secure files to create the binder.  We just click on the download and yes it opens in the browser, but then print to PDF and save to the network folder and security is removed.

    It was honestly a wash and didn't matter if we could move the file from the downloads folder to the client folder, vs opening the download to print and save to PDF.  I understand why they have to come password protected due to the security aspect.  

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