Add option for Exchange Support Contact to be the sender

Allow for the the sender to be the Support Contact in Exchange. Most of the time the client questions pertain to the recipient not having the correct answer to the Q&A so the sender is the only one who might know what they used since this new Exchange sent history doesn’t allow you to see the answers. The other typical problem is that the file expired, and the sender needs to resend the email. A general Support Contact will not be able to help with most common issues.



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    Hi Tonia, Thanks for the feedback! This enhancement is something on our radar and that we have on our roadmap. We do understand how this could be a painpoint for firms and look forward to releasing a feature that could alleviate any common issues. 

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  • This would be fantastic. I'm the admin and I get all kinds of emails that aren't anything I can handle so I'm the middle man and have to spend lots of time forwarding emails to my coworkers. 

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