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Could you make it possible for firms to edit and modify the wording in the notification emails being sent to clients notifying them that they have a document to download or a document request to fulfill?



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    Hi Sherry, 

    We have had many similar requests so this is something on our radar! I will add your information to the list of customers who have requested this. Thank you!

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  • Please add me to the list of users that need this update ASAP.  We now have long-time clients that are not seeing the message that is sent within our email. The graphics and box is so large, clients don't realize they need to scroll down after they see the SSX graphics "Thanks, name, email, company name" because it looks like the end.  We have our own custom logo, name, phone, email, etc below this box and of course, that is where our email message lands.  

    We are currently doing a work-around by the copy/paste of our message into it and deleting half of the standard info: that takes a lot of time. Please help. Legacy Exchange did not look like this.

    I tried finding info on this site for what others are doing for a work around. Any quick tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Dixie, 

    We have added your information to the internal request. 

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