SafeSend Exchange - "Body" is hidden

When you type a message to a client in the "body" of the email, that message is hidden in the client view.  They must click on the small comment icon to see the body of your message.  Would it be possible to display the "body" of the message between the progress bar and Files to Download instead of being hidden?



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    Thank you both for your feedback on this! I will be happy to submit a request to allow this message to be more visible to the recipient after they have opened the secure message. 

    A possible suggestion or workaround that I can recommend, is that if you use the Outlook Plug-In, you can type into the body of the message after you click 'Finish.' This solution may not work for anything that you would want to be secured, as this information will appear in the email before they have authenticated. 


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  • I recently noticed this as well.  It appears to be a new change.  The message we type into the "body" should show up in the email that the client receives as well as when they click into the link to actually open SafeSend.  Clients will NEVER notice that tiny little icon let alone think to click on it. 

    The way Exchange messages are going out now, they look like spam and I doubt clients are even going to attempt to open them.

    It is not a good presentation at all.

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  • I absolutely agree that this needs to be fixed. All my hard work on getting my staff and owners to use Exchange is now down the drain. Too many issues. Why would this have changed? It doesn't even make any sense. Not everyone wants to use the Plug-In - there's way too many steps. And even if you were to type in the body of the email using the Plug-in, that info shows up at the very bottom of everything. A client wouldn't even think to scroll down past everything to see if we typed something there. 



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  • I absolutely agree also.  The most important part of the message is the CPAs message to the client.  It should be first, not the SafeSend advertising, which should be less prominent. Presently, I use the Outlook plug-in and after 'finishing the message", I do what Alyse suggests, I cut and paste my message into the front under the SafeSend banner. In addition, the message i typed in Outlook should appear in SafeSend Exchange message box that shows on the right of the Outlook screen after "continue" is pressed; otherwise it does not show in SafeSend Exchange module.  These steps should be automatic. It's tax season and I don't want waste time cut and pasting.

    Rick Kearney


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  • I completely agree we thought our clients just were not responding only to find out that they were not seeing our questions. The work around is not acceptable as this is to be a secure message. I hope this is something that is changed soon.

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