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What do other firms do when your clients don't mark both the Organizer and the Source Documents as "Completed/Finished"? For example, I have a bunch of clients that have uploaded some docs but have not filled out their organizer completely; OR Completed their organizer, uploaded some docs but neither are marked as "Completed or Finished". I can't reach out to all of them because I'd spend my entire day emailing or calling. 

I was thinking download the information and maybe make a note somewhere (but I'm not sure where) to the CPA stating "Client has not marked their organizer as finished, more info MAY still be coming". 

We use SafeSend and SurePrep for anyone who may use both of those systems. 

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.




  • Yes! This is so frustrating. We have VERY clear instructions in the email they receive and in the instruction box once they log in (which needs to be made bigger) saying exactly what each button does.

    Currently we are pulling the information that is in there and then pulling the rest when it is uploaded.  It is definitely not ideal as we are using time to perform the same task twice, three times, etc.  But I tried to say I was only going to pull when it said finished and then already had clients reaching out asking if their returns were ready yet.

    I suggest SafeSend make the Save & Finish later button and the Finish button look completely different.  I think the Finish button should be big and say something like "Submit to Tax Preparer". 

    Or when they click Save and Finish later a box pops up saying "By clicking Save and Continue later your tax preparer will NOT be notified that you have uploaded documents.  They will only be notified if you click the Submit to Tax preparer button".  

    Another idea is to have an automatic reminder for clients sitting in the Uploaded status that goes out everyday or every few days saying "Reminder you have uploaded documents but have not yet submitted them to your preparer.  If you are ready to submit, please go in and hit submit to tax preparer".

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  • We are also struggling with the situation above. I like some of the suggestions you provided.  Also, why are there different words used throughout the Suite for completed, finished etc.  I believe the word should be consistent thought the Suite.  Choose one word "FINISHED" of "COMPLETED" for all modules. The download process is arduous. There is A LOT of back and forth with the clients. Trying to manage our notification inbox, the delivered organizer report AND our task management system is intense.

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  • Totally agree with Morgan McDowell's suggestion! There has to be a better way to inform the clients with less confusion. We all know they don't read every word we send them so a button that says which is which would be perfect.
    I also would like to only have one area for uploading documents - either organizer OR source docs, but not both.

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