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Is there a way to adjust the column sizes? I can't see what the entire column says and there's no way to make it bigger to read it clearly. I have to hover over it and that's not efficient by any means. Some columns are 3-4 times bigger than they need to be but the ones that need it are small. I'm pretty computer savvy and I'm not seeing how to do it so I'm assuming I can't. 

I propose either SafeSend make the columns wide enough so we can see what the info in that column says or make it to where we can adjust it. Specifically the status and names columns. 






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    I can certainly see why allowing the columns to be adjusted would allow for a more seamless experience when trying to navigate the delivered reports. As a possible workaround, you can remove certain columns that you do not need to see, which, by default, will make the columns larger. 

    I have added both of you to an internal request that asks to allow for the columns to be readjusted. Thanks!

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  • Agreed.  Looks like column widths for date, type, and tax year could all be reduced to accommodate longer text strings in name and client ID.

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  • Hi Alyse, 

    Thank you but that workaround won't work. It doesn't matter how many columns are showing, they don't expand to fit the content. 

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