TicTie Calculate Version 5.0.25 - Official Release

A new update to TicTie Calculate is now available. The latest version of TicTieCalculate is now version 5.0.25. You can download the latest version from the TicTie Calculate Admin Page or by clicking "check for updates" within the TicTie Calculate application.

For more information about the changes, please see below.


Audit Log

  • TicTie Calculate actions done within the application will now be tracked in a log. This log will display what that action was, who did the action, where the action took place, and when the action took place.

Office Location Field in Admin Site

  • Users can now add a custom Office Location field in the admin site to better organize their users.

Other Improvements

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue when placing the "Agree" symbol, it would always be placed to the right of where the user selected.
  • Fixed an issue where the login box might be displayed partially offscreen.
  • Fixed an issue where upgrading TTC versions would sometimes fail.



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