September 3, 2021 Update Notes

SafeSend Returns

  • User Access Changes

    • Users can Set Access for other users to edit and process returns.
  • Security Changes

    • Added a timeout warning when the 20-minute idle window is approaching including a logoff button.
    • Added a lockout page when social security (last 4 or first 4) is entered incorrectly 3 times.
      • The client will receive a lockout message to contact the firm.
  • Reminder Email Templates

    • Spouse reminder email template will now mirror that of the taxpayer.
  • Downloads

    • Selected documents now download without having to refresh the page.
  • Processing

    • Error message "Assignment to this return has been changed. Please refresh" has been removed.  This was occurring after successfully uploading a return.


SafeSend Grouped Returns

  • Reminders

    • Resolved issue where signing reminders were being sent for completed returns.
    • This change will apply to returns processed on or after 9/3/2021.
  • User Permissions

    • Staff Users will no longer see the Settings menu.
  • Notifications

    • Recalled return notifications will now go to the Controller instead of the Client.
  • Processing

    • ERO Signature Stamps carry over to Grouped Returns if the return was added after initial processing.
    • Deleted vouchers now save Amount and Due Date when moving from Deleted to Vouchers.
    • Users can update voucher information from the Transmittals Tab.


  • Official comment

    Hello Jayme!

    Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it!  

    I will say that we have received some requests to add an ability to edit Group names.  If you'd like to, we have a dedicated channel in our Community here for Enhancement Requests!  Click here to go to our Enhancement Requests board for SafeSend Returns.

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  • Thank you for all of the improvements that your constantly making, you guys/gals do an AMAZING JOB.

    I do have 1 request and I know I've already asked about this before, but one thing I'd love to see improved on is within the Group Returns.  I REALLY HOPE that sometime soon you'll allow us to change or edit the Grouped Returns names. 

    I've recently been made aware that 1 of our bigger client's Main business (that all of the entities are  listed under) just closed.  However, we're going to continue to prepare the returns for the other 50-60 related entities.  Now all of the related entitles will be grouped within the non-existent businesses name.   

    Another Group name I misspelled when I originally set up the group the day after the Grouped Returns feature was made available.  It was brought to my attention last month and now all of that clients 35-40 returns are listed within a misspelled group name.  

    Has anyone else ran into this issue while using the Grouped Returns feature?  Is there a possibility of editing the Grouped Returns name being made available to us?

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