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  • A great feature would be the ability to Archive signed returns and be able to change status of returns that were delivered in the Group Returns.
  • The ability to deliver K-1s to the recipient and additional people. Currently you have to remove the email of the first person and type new email.




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    Hello Chinelle,

    We are looking into an Archive feature but do not have an ETA on when that will be released.  We also don't have an ETA on a CC feature for K-1's as that can be resource intensive for a small use-case, but we will keep it on the board until it is either approved or denied.  We will update as necessary!

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  • Any updates on the archive feature for Grouped returns? Thanks!

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  • Hi Georgia! This is a highly requested item that our product team is taking into consideration, although we do not plan to have this released this busy season. We are looking at ways to revamp the whole grouped returns feature, and this will be a part of that. 

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