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A support tech gave me a link to post enhancement requests and other items which I followed and found where and how to post a link. However afterwords, I wondered how I would have found that link had he not given it to me because I could not find it on my own on the website. Perhaps I missed something but I looked under every stone and could not get back to the webpage that I was directed to. Perhaps a link could be added to the website to quickly get users to the right location to add comments and questions in the community, otherwise who is going to add anything? 




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    Hi Brent,

    A link to the Community Site is available from the main Help Center page ( We're in active talks about changes to the SafeSend Help Center following this busy season. I'll definitely bring up your concern during those discussions. Thanks!

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  • Another consideration to keep in mind is that you have to be logged into the Zendesk as a TTC user in order to fully see the Community comments about TTC.

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