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I just noticed that the sign off process is not friendly, there is no ability for a reviewer to sign off unless the preparer has signed off. Perhaps I am missing something. If I am not, this does not makes sense and here is why. If I, as reviewer am reviewing a page that the preparer has not signed off on, I am not going to send it back to the preparer to just add a sign off, nor am I going to sign off as preparer, I am going to just skip the fact they missed the sign off and go on. EXCEPT, I cannot go on because I cannot sign off until there is a preparer sign off. Perhaps development might rethink this feature.

Additional sign off thought - the signoff cannot be moved, which is not good because sometimes it obliterates info that needs to be seen on the WP. The 4.5 version gave me ultimate flexibility to put the individual sign offs where I wanted them rather then where your developers want me to put them. Another item for your developers to reconsider. Thanks for listening.



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  • I noticed a few days ago that a new (I think new because I don't remember seeing it before) account setting now available on the Administrative Login to TTC in the Account  Tab. The addition is "Enforce Page Sign-Off order". By unchecking this we are now able to sigh-off as the reviewer even if the preparer has not signed off so we no longer have to sign-off as preparer just to sign-off as reviewer. Thank you support team for making this enhancement available. If on the other hand this item was there all along and I did not see it or know what it would do, I would suggest that the development team consider adding a mouse-over capability with an explanation of the option. 

    Still cannot move the signoff box around on the page to keep it from blocking the view of something on the page. Hope that feature can be added soon. It would also be nice to be able to resize the signoff box and make it smaller at our option so we can again, keep it from blocking view of something on the page.


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