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It would be helpful if the Document status updated when the client uploads additional documents. 

In my test client, I submitted the organizer documents and downloaded them on the firm side.  Then as the test client again, I uploaded additional documents but the status remained Downloaded.  I undestand that emails are received when the client uploads documents, but since there would be so many, they can get missed.  However, if I could filter in the Delivered Organizer Report, it would easy to identify docuemnts that still need to be uploaded.

This same type of situation has been a huge issue with the current program we use for electronic organizers.  Additional documents have been missed and the information not included in the return.  I want to switch to SS organziers and would like to be able to reassure our advisors this would not be an issue.



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    Thank you for the request, Cindy!  This should have been addressed in a previous release of the program.  Thank you for your report!

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