Need a popup Alert when you are going to be timed out on the ADMIN page


I would like to suggest that your admin webpage notify the user if the admin login times out. I have been working on setting up bookmark templates and spending a good deal of time doing this. Today I was working with the bookmarks and stepped away from my computer for some time, came back and continued setting up bookmarks. However, I had no idea I had been logged off the page until I went to save the template and and it gave me a message about "Authorizing" and it was frozen for ten minutes never saving the work. I save my work periodically as I go, but this time I was on a roll when I came back to work on it and had not save the template before I stepped away. As a result I did not know I was not active on the admin login until I went to save my work and realized I had just lost all my work (over an hours work). Needless to say, I was a bit perturb. Perhaps your web developer should build in a popup message to alert the user when they are about to be logged off or that they have been logged off so this does not happen to other people.

Just trying to help you make it better.



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  • Hi Brent,

    Good suggestion I think we could incorporate. Force the signoff after a timeout instead of letting you continue without knowledge. We will look into it. 


    Andrew VanVladricken

    Product Manager at SafeSend

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