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I have been told by support that the best place to post feature requests is in the TicTie Calculate community page rather than making a direct request to support. Here are the reasons why they suggest this:

1. They review the community post as if you submitted a post directly to the support team so your request will not be ignored. Hopefully they will respond to the poster directly also like they do for a request made to the support team.

2. Others in the community can read and comment on each post and add their own comments and/or frustrations to the post so that support team can get a sense of how others users feel about the suggestion/request. This will enable the support team to rank the requests by importance based upon the communities response and interest/agreement.

So, having said that, if you think any of the suggestions/request would be helpful to your team, I encourage you to take the time to make your own posts and responses to post to encourage cPaperless to improve/enhance their product to make our lives easier. 

As of today, I have not seen any postings in the community from other practitioners, so either no one knows about the community, has taken the time to post in the community or the posts that have been made have not yet been approved for posting by the cPaperless/SafeSend support team. Since I have just posted several suggestions it will be interesting to see if any responses/results appear in the future. I will say that I made these requests directly to the support team and I have received timely responses from the support team concerning all of them. Hope the same hold true for postings in the community page.




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