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We just convert from TTC 4.5 to 5.0 and we noticed an anomaly we did not think was operating the way it should with bookmarking. In the past under version 4.5, when we bookmarked a page, the bookmark stayed in the order of the template in the Bookmark window to the left of the document. For example, if we added a new page to the document and bookmarked it, the bookmark showed up on the left hand bookmark window in the order that the bookmark was in for the bookmark template we were using. Now, under version 5.0 the bookmark for the added page show up as the next bookmark in the list on bookmark view to the left side of the document, not in the order of the bookmark template we are using. Now we have to drag the newly created bookmark up above in the list where it belongs following the bookmark template we are using. This is an unnecessary step that should not be required. We would like to see the bookmarks put where they are in the template, regardless of when we add the page or the bookmark. 



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    Thank you for reaching out and I apologize for the delay, this issue should have been resolved with our latest patch.  If you are still experiencing this issue please send a ticket to for additional support!

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  • I agree with this request!  This was a huge reason we purchased Tic Tie Calculate!

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