February 25, 2022 Product News for the SafeSend Suite-Updated

An update to SafeSend products was released. Look below for more information on the changes.

SafeSend Returns


  • A new Select Due Date control is available when uploading new estimates to a delivered return. Users can choose between the dates on the voucher forms and the default SafeSend Returns due dates.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an additional issue that caused the user to jump back to the first page after placing a signature control on a later page.
  • Fixed an issue where users would not initially see the last page of a PDF if multiple PDF files were uploaded. This occurred in the Additional E-Sign Documents tab. Clicking on the other PDF pages would then show the last page.
  • Fixed an issue where some taxpayers received an "Error occurred while loading signed documents model" message when trying to e-sign their return.


  • The organizer improvement above where organizer status will change from Downloaded to Uploaded when a taxpayer uploads new documents is a welcome feature.  That said, this feature is not very helpful when you still cannot filter the various statuses in the Batch view.  We have hundreds of pages of organizers in just one batch, and we have no ability to filter the statuses.  So far this tax season, we have sent over 2,000 organizers via Batch, yet only 63 organizers via One-off.  I really wish you would invest your time enhancing the areas of the system that are most used.  Please bring filtering capability to the Batch view.

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  • Update information!

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