Adding Symbols to a Working Paper

I have noticed that adding a symbol to a working papers, like a check mark for example, requires 3 clicks of the mouse. One click to select the symbol icon which then gets you a drop down, and another dropdown to then see the symbol you want to use, then another dropdown to actually select the symbol and then you have to place the symbol on the page. We use a checkmark to notate that we have checked a number. When all the numbers on a page are checked off, we know we have dealt with each number accordingly and we can sign off on the page that it is complete. It would be very nice if the Symbol icon on the main menu bar in Acrobat was the Symbol last used (which it is) and if that is the symbol you want to use just click it and place your symbol on your working paper, you are done, no dropdown to select it again. Then, if you want to change the symbol, there could be a dropdown arrow to the right of the last used Symbol icon that you could click to dropdown you symbols and pick the one you want to change to  from the last one used. This would eliminate a LOT OF CLICKS of the mouse and SAVE TIME in the process. Maybe you could even use the Acrobat PIN feature to hold the Symbol active until you are done and ready to select a new one. The same thing can be used for the NUMBERS and LETTERS. 

"Oh what a relief it is" to not have to click the mouse three times when one will do.




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    Thank you for this submission!  We have already added it to our queue of potential enhancements.  Once we have a roadmap for new features planned we will update this with a notification on its planning status!

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