March 14, 2022 Product News for the SafeSend Suite

An update to SafeSend products was released. See below for more information about the changes.

SafeSend Returns


  • SafeSend Returns will now show the address entered in Delivery Options > Mailing Address on the taxpayer landing page. It previously used the mailing address entered in Account Management > My Company > Company Details.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, some signed documents did not upload properly, resulting in a Partially Signed status and missing client tracking data.
  • Fixed an issue in the signature report where the Date and Created Date fields were not displayed in the signer's local time. This caused some confusion when viewing the report.
  • Fixed an issue on delivered returns where manually created vouchers for Kentucky showed the federal building image instead of the state image.
  • Fixed an issue where some deposit reports were incorrectly listed as a debit. This resulted in an erroneous voucher being created.
  • Fixed an issue where a taxpayer was unable to delete their phone number if it had been entered in Client Information.
  • Fixed an issue where the NYC-4SEZ form was not being recognized as a voucher.
  • Fixed an issue where a direct deposit report was not being recognized in a Washington, DC return.



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