SafeSend Returns - Partner Type Drop-Down - K-1 Processing

Situation: During processing, you may be asked to select a Partner Type. This will occur if there is no SSN/EIN on the K-1 or if that information is masked. 

Resolution: Select a Partner Type from the drop-down in the K-1s tab for each K-1 recipient. If the K-1 recipient does not have an SSN/EIN, placeholder numbers can be used to fill this field (ex. 000-00-0000). 

Please Note: This placeholder number will be associated with that K-1 recipient's email address, so the same placeholder should not be used for multiple recipients. 


Feature Update: We are planning to remove the SSN/EIN requirement as well as the Partner Type field requirement. We do not have a scheduled release date for this feature, but we are working on it. 

Reference Number: 76371




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