Suggestion to delete entire sheet of pages


Instead of having to mark each and every sheet one by one.  It's so very time consuming and frustrating, especially when there are A LOT of pages that need to be deleted.


I've requested this feature in the past and have been told that it would be a feature that would be beneficial to all SafeSend Users.  Can you please add a feature to the delete an entire sheet of pages, instead of having to click on the small box in the top right hand corner of each page.  There are plenty of times (especially towards the later part of the year, when we are processing our extended and more difficult returns) that I have to delete LOTS of pages.  Today for example, i have to delete 127 pages from a return that I'm sending.  It would make my life SO MUCH easier if i could simply click an option to "select all on sheet" instead of having to either select all for the entire return, or mark pages one by one.  Please let me know if you have any questions about my suggestion or if I could provide any additional details to make this capability possible.





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    Hello Jayme,

    I'd like to make sure that we're scoping this appropriately so I'm going to ask a few follow-up questions.

    1. Are these pages known ahead of time during upload that they'll need to be removed, or are they reviewed at upload and then removed?
    2. Are the pages being removed sequential, or are they spread across different sections in the return?
    3. How many pages do you find yourself removing at once before you have to skip a page or a section?

    Thank you!

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