Allow client to change back to e-sign if they selected manual sign by mistake

Can we request a future enhancement to allow the client to change the "manual sign" back to "e-sign" option if they realize they did not want to manually sign the forms and have selected it by mistake.  The only way we could fix it was to recall the return, reprocess and change the selection and resend for signature.. 



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    Thank you for the suggestion!  It's been sent to our Product team for review.  If it is released we will make sure to add it to our Product Release Notes!  We appreciate you reaching out with this Enhancement Request.

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  • This needs to be updated as this is a big inconvenience. Many clients choose this option on accident then spend time calling us and we have to spend additional time updating the signature method. 

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  • L- If you are talking about 1040 clients, you can check the box next to the return, click "Change Status," and change it back to Awaiting E-Sign.

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