Organizer Tips and Tricks

Situation: Batch upload shows an error status. 

Resolution: Make sure our default template is being used and that it is saved as a .CSV file, not an Excel file. The template can be downloaded from the product or in our Uploading Batch Organizers article. 


Situation: The taxpayer cannot upload documents with file names exceeding 200 characters.

Resolution: The taxpayer can re-name the file so it has a shorter file name.


Situation: During processing, radio buttons/checkboxes should not be overlapped. Otherwise, the bottom button will not be available on the taxpayer side.

Resolution: Do not overlap radio buttons/checkboxes during processing.


Situation: Custom Question text is not formatted correctly or contains extra characters.

Resolution: Do not copy/paste text into the Custom Questions section. Special formatting will cause formatting/display issues.

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