SafeSend Suite – Client Management Tips and Tricks

Client Management can be used to manage and view client information across the Returns and Organizers modules. 

Benefits of Client Management:

  • Allow users to view, add, delete, and update client profile information in a single place.
  • Auto client database update if changes are made to client information in SafeSend Returns and Organizers during processing.
  • Assist users in maintaining current and accurate client information.

In Product Pop-Ups:

  • A pop-up appears during processing if a client is not found in Client Management.
  • To minimize the number of pop-ups, always add users using the pop-up and/or upload a client list to Client Management.

Client IDs:

  • This feature uses Client IDs to fill in client data during processing.
  • Duplicate Client IDs should not be used.
    • This can lead to an incorrect email address pre-populating for clients sharing a Client ID. 
  • For CCH users, the Client ID is auto-filled as the file name when a return is uploaded.
    • This should be edited in the upload window to include only the Client ID.
    • This ensures each user has their own unique ID that does not change year over year. 




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