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We would like an enhancement that if we add a cc to an email, that the cc recipient will have access to the attachments as well as the TO: email address.  It is not always appropriate to put all email addresses in the TO: line.  Thank you, Sue McIlvaine



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    Thank you for the feedback Sue. I would like to ask a couple questions to better understand the need. 

    1. If CC users can still have access to the files why would it not be appropriate to place them in the TO field? 

    2. Would you expect the same receiver authentication for those CC'ed (e.g. enter valid email, QA password/access code)? 

    This will help us better understand the request and make the perfect enhancement for you. 


    Thank you,

    Andrew VanVladricken

    Product Manager, SafeSend

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  • This would be a much needed enhancement!

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