SafeSend Returns - Best Practices

Double-check voucher due dates and amounts before delivering your returns. Our system is built for automation, but if there's no due date on a voucher, we'll default to using the federal due date for that type of return.

Check refund amounts. SafeSend Returns will recognize overpayment and applied amounts, but penalties and fees are not automatically included in those totals.

Remove filters to see all search results. If you can't locate a delivered return, try using the Clear Filter command from the Filter drop-down. It's located in the upper right-hand corner of the results list and will allow you to see all of your returns.

Use our Help Center. If you have questions about processing and delivering returns, visit our Help Center to look for answers. We also have articles and videos on the taxpayer experience so that you can see what your client will see when using SafeSend Returns. You can refer to our Best Practices Guide specifically for more tips and tricks! 




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